We have over 15 years of experience in manufacturing Fiber Arrays. Our commitment to exceptional quality and outstanding cost control has consistently provided our customers with excellent user experiences.

As the fiber optic communication industry rapidly evolves, our Fiber Array products are increasingly being applied across various domains. From 800G Optical Transicever to 60ch Optical Wavelength Selective Switches, we are capable of delivering customer-centric solutions that align with their specific requirements. Our robust engineering design capabilities ensure that we can always design and manufacture the products our customers need based on their demands.

V-Groove MaterialsGlass, Quartz, Value
V-groove Length1.5-12mm
V-groove Height2-3mm
Lid Hight0.18-15mm
Fiber TypeSM Fiber, PM Fiber, MM Fiber, Other customer specified Fiber
Channel Count1-196
Fiber Core PitchHP=127um, NP=250um, CP=any customer specified Core Pitch
Surface Angle0°, 8°, 12°, Other
AccessoriesMPO, MT ferrules, Feed through, MPO,
Additional Function90D light Turn, Mode Convert, High Temp soldering, etc.


High Reliability